Western Red Cedar naturally fights off rot, decay, and viruses. This means no more replacing rotten boards on your deck! Working with Cedar is a breeze at any stage of building. The boards are straight and flat, making them easy to fit together. Plus, Cedar is lightweight, so you won’t strain yourself moving it around your yard or job site.

Cedar’s low weight also means it’s great for keeping your deck cool in summer. That way, it’s safer for bare feet and pets when temperatures rise.

Why Choose Cedar Siding?

When it comes to siding, nothing beats the real wood look of Cedar. Unlike synthetic options that try to mimic wood grain, Cedar brings natural warmth and beauty that can’t be replicated.

Here’s why Cedar siding stands out:

Natural Appeal: Cedar is free of pitch and resin, allowing it to easily take on stains, oils, paints, and finishes. This means you have endless color choices to match your style.

  Easy Changes: If you decide to change your home’s look later on, Cedar can be refinished or repainted. Unlike synthetics, it’s versatile and can be renewed to suit your new preferences.

Energy Efficient: Cedar’s thermal properties help keep your home comfortable year-round. It keeps warmth in during the cold months and helps cool air stay in during hot weather, saving energy.

Choose Cedar siding for a beautiful, versatile, and energy-efficient upgrade to your home!


Adding Cedar inside your home offers plenty of options:

  • Natural Warmth: Exposed Cedar beams not only look cozy but also serve as sturdy supports.
  • Easy Installation: Cedar doesn’t split easily, so it’s great for hanging decorations and fixtures securely.
  • Sound Benefits: In big rooms, Cedar helps absorb or control sound, making spaces like living rooms, game rooms, and lofts quieter and more comfortable.
  • Versatile Paneling: Cedar paneling on ceilings, walls, or floors adds charm and helps control noise in places where kids play or you relax.

Choose Cedar for a warm, stylish, and practical addition to your home’s interior!


Building your outdoor structure with western red cedar offers durability and natural decay resistance, ensuring peace of mind even in wet conditions.

Western Red Cedar is the ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor projects. Its natural rot resistance, lightweight nature, and ease of installation make it perfect for any build, offering enduring beauty, versatility, and energy efficiency. Consider Western Red Cedar mulch for sustainable landscaping solutions that enhance both aesthetic appeal and durability.