Spring is a fantastic time to freshen up your garden with new mulch. Two popular options are Western Red Cedar Mulch and Wood Chips. Let’s take a closer look at both to help you choose the best one for your yard!

Western Red Cedar Mulch

Western Red Cedar Mulch is a top choice for gardeners in Canada. This mulch is made from Cedar trees and includes both shredded wood and bark. Compared to other mulches, Western Red Cedar stands out for several reasons:

  • Beautiful Look: It has a lovely reddish-orange color that adds a warm touch to your garden.
  • Great Aroma: The fresh, earthy smell reminds you of the great outdoors.
  • Long-Lasting: It lasts 50-100% longer than hardwood mulch, so you don’t need to replace it as often.

However, there is one main downside:

    Price: Western Red Cedar Mulch is more expensive than hardwood mulch, costing over twice as much. It is available in both bulk and bags.

Wood Chips

Wood Chips are made from leftover wood at lumber mills and are a common choice for playgrounds and gardens. Here’s what you need to know about wood chips:

  • Made from Wood: Wood chips are 100% wood with no bark.
  • Attractive and Durable: They look nice and last a long time in your garden.

But, there are a few things to consider:

  • Color Changes: Wood chips turn grey quickly as they are exposed to the sun and rain.
  • Can Wash Away: They might wash or blow away if not secured properly.
  • Available in Bulk: Wood chips are only available in bulk, not in bags.

Cedar Mulch

Cedar Mulch comes from the wood of cedar trees and has some great benefits:

  • Beautiful and Smelly: Cedar mulch has a lovely reddish-brown color and a pleasant, woodsy smell that many people enjoy.
  • Repels Pests: The strong aroma helps keep away pests like termites, which is great for your garden.

But there are some downsides:

  • Higher Price: Cedar mulch costs more than other types of mulch.
  • Fades Quickly: Its beautiful color and smell fade faster than other mulches.
  • Nutrient Poor: It doesn’t add many nutrients to the soil as it breaks down.
  • Can Repel Helpful Bugs: While it keeps termites away, it can also drive away beneficial insects like ladybugs.

Choose the Right Mulch for Your Garden

Spring is the perfect time to refresh your garden, and both Western Red Cedar Mulch and Wood Chips have their own benefits. If you want something that looks great and lasts a long time, Western Red Cedar Mulch might be your best choice. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option and don’t mind a little maintenance, Wood Chips could work for you.