About Us

100% Western Red Cedar Products

BKB Cedar Manufacturing was established in September 2013 in McBride BC Canada.
We manufacture and supply Western Red Cedar post and rail fencing for many stores across Canada to the US.
By producing post and rail fencing we have an abundance of Western Red Cedar mulch & chips perfect for all your landscaping needs. We are a family based locally owned business and proudly stand by the quality and consistency of our product.

We take the rotten cedar that would usually be burnt in slash piles and turn it into a beautiful Cedar fence, as well as mulch and chips!

  • #1 western red cedar mulch manufacturer in canada.
  • Made in McBride British Columbia, Canada
  • Made from organic materials
  • keeps the plant soil moist longer. Western red Cedar mulch is the best material to use when covering any bedding plants, tree roots, gardening.
  • Western red Cedar mulch helps to inhibit weed growth
  • Our product has a Perfect blend of bark, wood fibre and rot to achieve a stunning, natural rich red cedar colour.
  • And you can sure smell the difference.
  • Most commonly, western red cedar mulch is used for water retention, weed inhibition, soil insulation, improving the look of beds, and repelling insects.